“Santa for a Day” is one of the most welcome and rewarding initiatives that has been implemented in our community, and I’m especially proud that it originated in Chicago.”

Mary Howard
Chief Residents Service Operator
Chicago Housing Authority

“Having seen what Santa for a Day has accomplished and what it meant to the Chicago public housing community, I have no doubt that SFD would similarly have a wonderful impact for our families here in Boston. This is a great opportunity to provide hope to our city’s most vulnerable kids. Every donation translates into new-found optimism for boys and girls who have been through so much this year. Please consider supporting this great opportunity.

Kate Bennett
Boston Housing Authority

Santa for a Day has been a godsend for Milwaukee’s at-risk youth. The program reinforces the importance of literacy by encouraging the youngsters to learn the power of putting pen to paper. More importantly, the outpouring of love and generosity has helped alter the children’s narrative about the holiday season by imbuing it with hope and joy. This really is an inspiring modern ‘Christmas miracle!”

Ken Barbeau
Director Of Community Programs & Services
Housing Authority Of The City Of Milwaukee

"While at the Chicago Housing Authority, I worked with Santa for a Day first-hand and saw what it meant to that community. Now, I recognize similar circumstances here in Atlanta, and I think SFAD is a godsend for our constituents. This is a great opportunity to provide hope to Atlanta's most disadvantaged kids." 

Eugene Jones, Jr
President & CEO
Atlanta Housing Authority

“As someone devoted to making government at all levels more efficient and responsive to my constituents, I find it remarkable how a volunteer concept, like Santa for a Day, that is so elegant in its simplicity, can so quickly leverage such wide-spread, and heart-felt, joy and cheer!”

Jocelyn Benson
Secretary of State, Michigan

“Programs such as Santa for a Day have the unique power to dramatically transform the arc of a young child’s personality as well as to transform the trajectory of his or her future… Whether they believe in Santa or not, God-bless all who support this wonderful and life-changing endeavor!”

Danny K. Davis
US Congressman, Illinois